Nilfisk Alto MH 6P

The Professional Solution

The MH 6P series features machines with high power & pressure for tough cleaning tasks. Ideal for heavy use in agriculture, construction, transport or industrial segments.

MH 6P is the new addition to the Nilfisk premium hot water high pressure washer range. The tough and efficient MH 6P series combines low running costs, ease of use, and high cleaning efficiency. A very effective tool for heavy duty, industrial hot water cleaning in any sector. The MH 6P series features low running and maintenance costs, robustness, durability and high cleaning efficiency. Heating costs are reduced with the award-winning EcoPower boiler system with > 92% heating efficiency and high heating power levels. MH 6P features the high performance 4 piston NA6 pump.


 MH 6P



  • EcoPower boiler with EcoMode function

  • EcoPower boiler >92% efficiency giving reduced fuel costs

  • Brass pump head

  • 4 ceramic pistons

  • Flow activated unloader system

  • Innovative design with 4 big wheels

  • Easy to transport, can even be pushed/pulled across uneven surfaces

  • Oil tank and oil sight

  • Low pump oil warning system

  • Low fuel warning system

  • Onboard diagnostics function

  • Easy to use control panel


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