Mac Darter

Heavy duty

High specification brass pump coupled to a low reving motor. Auto stop/start and low pressure chemical. Ideal for car valeting

Floor Cleaners


  • Painted steel chassis and heavy duty GRP cover

  • Stainless steel chimney protection

  • Automatic stop/start system

  • Industrial 1450rpm low revving electric motor

  • Professional interpump with ceramic pistons

  • Automatic by-pass valve

  • High pressure detergent system

  • 24v safety controls

  • 4 large robust wheels for the toughest terrain

  • Additional front castor wheel for improved manoeuvrability

  • Thermostat for Temperature Regulation

  • Pressure Gauge

  • Supplied with 10mtr High Pressure Hose, Gun, Lance and Jet


Telephone: 01482 229016

Fax: 01482 589562

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