Weidner Dry Steam Cleaner

combined with compressed air

An essential step towards clean environment and energy saving. Dry steam cleaning combined with compressed air is a revolutionary cleaning process. This cleaning method with steam/compressed air and dosed detergent is in many cases an essential favourable alternative to dry ice blasting.

The dry-steam-cleaning is environmental friendly and gentle for the industry machines. Due to our extreme low water consumption no waste water will be left behind, that´s why it can be cleaned problem free in the factory hall.

The Weidner-method is very fast at low-cost! The production equipment can be intensive cleaned with a steam lance without dismounting and work interruption. Consequently less investment for maintenance combined with money saving.

The cleaning result is intensified through the application of compressed air. Simply, you need electrical connection, little amount of heating oil and 0,6 l - 0,8 l water/min.

Field of applications:
The cleaning of industrial-respectively production machines like punching-, milling-, CNC-, foundries- or plastic machines as well as robots demonstrate a wide application spectrum. Mechanical and electrical installations as well as pneumatic and hydraulic components are clean in short time. Oil, grease, graphite or other tough dirt become clean by dry steam and pressure. Desinfection or decontamination of equipment is also possible. It demonstrates in many cases an absolute alternative to the high price and costly dry ice blasting method.

The machines are available in 230V, oil fired or 400 V electrical heated. The standard accessories are 10 m special high temperatur steam hose with thermo protection cover, control cable 24V gip/steam lance


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