SDV4500 Steam Cleaning Machine

Cleaning Stainless steel surfaces and many more uses

A commercial/industrial 4.5 bar pressure steam cleaning machine incorporating a chemical delivery system . Made from a stainless steel construction with a continuous fill boiler. Complete with an integral vacuum system that has been awarded a Clean Show Innovation Award for its unique design.

Machine is supplied with a complete set of tools and accessories. High temperature steam penetrates deep into surfaces sanitising and killing bacteria in a wide variety of commercial environments. The integral vacuum ensures surfaces are left clean & dry.

Steam Clean














  • Steam at temperatures up to 170C and
    8 bar pressure

  • Detergent delivery

  • Removable waste tank recovery facility

  • Continuous fill

  • Steam control switch on handle

  • Silent running

  • Wide range of cleaning applications

  • Wet pick up recovery facility

  • Automatic safety shut off

  • Clear pressure display

  • Wide range of accessories included

  • Simple operator controls

  • Highly manoeuvrable

  • Highly efficient chewing gum remover

  • Optional steam only tool kit


Telephone: 01482 229016

Fax: 01482 589562

Courtney Street, Mount Pleasant, Hull. HU8 7QF 


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