Wet & Dry Safety Vacuums

If you are working with H Class Hazardous Dust, you will find the perfect Wet & Dry solution here. Choose from 3 different container sizes and other features which enhance your working efficiency like Automatic or Semi-Automatic filter cleaning, Automatic Start/Stop and more.

ATTIX 3 is a the small machine with big performance and high mobility. With the Push&Clean filter cleaning system, the filter is clean in seconds, and Automatic Start/Stop is the perfect feature for tradesmen who work with hand tools. ATTIX 5 is a mid-size machine which also offers Automatic Start/Stop, and is available with the fully automatic XtremeClean filter cleaning system which cleans your filter while you work without interruption.

The ATTIX 7 features a 70 l stainless steel container which can be emptied by tilting or lifting off the robust steel frame. Truly an Industrial Class performer. In all models, operating costs are minimised and user-friendliness reaches an all-time high with the low working noise level which lets the operator work when others are nearby without disturbing them. Automatic Start/Stop models are the choice of people who use the machine with electric hand tools because starting or stopping the tool starts and stops the vacuum, as well. An Airbox is available as an accessory which performs the same function when using pneumatic tools.

Floor Cleaners


  • Approved for work with H Class hazardous dust.

  • Industrial specifications, robust construction, and powerful... the definition of ATTIX Series vacuums.

  • XtremeClean fully automatic filter cleaning system (on many models) takes care of filter cleaning tasks in just a few seconds without interrupting your work.

  • Push&Clean is a filter cleaning system which allows you to clean the filter in seconds... and continue your work.

  • Silent Power. High performance that is seen, but not heard.


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