Ideal for heavy industrial vacuum cleaning

Thanks to their high performances, ATTIX 145 & 155 are the ideal industrial three phase vacuum cleaners for general cleaning in all kind of industry, especially when large quantities of dust have to be collected. The 100 litre steel container is ideal for collecting large amounts of solids (e.g. metal chips) or liquids (e.g. oil and lubricants). The practical SitDown container system makes emptying convenient for fast and productive cleaning.

ATTIX 145 & 155 can run for many hours without requiring maintenance thanks to the very silent and reliable double stage side-channel blower. The lower position of the blower gives it a great stability even when moving on rough floors. A handle all around the machine allows pulling or pushing it from a working place to another one. L-class filter is fitted as standard, but M-class filter and HEPA-filter is available as an option when fine dust has to be removed. Furthermore the manual filter shaker guarantees a perfect efficiency of the filtration. An accessory box, a cable and hose/ tube holder makes ATTIX 145 & 155 very ergonomic and simplifies the daily work of the operator. From its protected position, the manometer shows to the operator when the filtration efficiency decreases, inviting him to shake the filter. The ON/OFF switch is placed on the rear of the chassis inside the carter in order to protect it against shock.



• Powerful and reliable double side channel blower - needing no maintenance.
• Comfortable grip and robust steel chassis for durability and manoeuvrability.
• MultiFit adapter included for high flexibility in accessory choice.


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