3 motor single phase industrial vacuum cleaner 

ATTIX 115 & 125 are simple single-phase industrial vacs with large capacity, high performance and robust design. The machines are ideal in the metal working industry for metal chips mixed with oil/coolant or at building & construction sites for collection of fine dust (HEPA filter available as option).

ATTIX 115 & 125 are powered by 3x1000 Watt independent "by-pass" motors and come with a 100 litres capacity bin. They are made of epoxy painted metal plate/tubes giving the machines a very robust and reliable design. The manual filter shaker ensures a good efficiency of the filter and the SitDown container system allows a convenient disposal without dis-assembling other parts of the vacuum cleaner.



• 3 independent "by-pass" motors
• L or M Class filter
• Strong & reliable
• Easy manoeuvrabilty
• 100 L SitDown container with castors & handle
• Manual Filter shaker as standard
• Cable, hose and tube holders
• HEPA filter as option
• Mechanical floater as option for liquid collection


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